Movie Quote Wall Art

This piece of wall art is made from left over fabric that I had. I mod podged it over some matted poster and then used sticky letters to create the quote. After you paint over the entire thing you are left with the fabric as the lettering. It's a really neat project. Unfortunately, I choose to have a long word so I had to using smaller letter. This meant seeing less of the fabric in the end.

Step 1: I used a laser-cut frame from Michael's for $10. There is no backing or hook, but it is cute and cheap. Using a thick mat poster cut the shape the you wish to work with. Make it slightly larger so that you can glue to the back of the frame.

Step 2: Time to mod podge! Using the fabric of your choice apply mod podge to the mat poster and spread the fabric evenly. Flip over and glue the excess to the back side.

Step 3: Using the sticky letters, arrange them how you wish. Next, stick them on and paint over.

Step 4: While that is drying you can start painting the frame.

Step 5: While that is drying, peel off the letters from the fabric. This is a good time to do touch ups. I messed up and added the frame to quick. I used E-6000 glue to attach it to the frame. For the backing, I used a back of a frame that I saved from another project, Framed Quirky Corkboard.

Step 6: I wanted to add a little detail by using a pink paint sharpie and some stencils that I already had. Use several coats.

The paint on the fabric definitely makes this a neat sign.

You can use any movie or song quote, or any sign that you wish! Mine is from LOTR :)

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