Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Photo by: Mustard Seed Photography

I made the flowers for my wedding and when the flower dealer called me and said they were unable to get the peonies I ordered for my bridal bouquet, I flipped. With just a few days before my wedding I considered buying a brooch bouquet off Etsy until I realized it wouldn't get to me quick enough and, they are $$$. Here is one that I liked.

From Lionsgate Designs

So I made one myself! And I didn't have as much time as would have liked because I only got to do a few pieces of jewelry, so I placed them in silk white hydrangeas from Michael's. I used old jewelry and bought the rest at Forever 21.

Using pliers, cut the fasteners off necklaces and earrings; cut the string off bracelets. I also used old hair clips and brooches. Use pieces that you can string floral wire through.

Wrap the wire in floral tape. I probably should have used white instead of green so that it would blend better together. This bouquet was very heavy even with only having about half the adornments as the ones on Etsy, fyi, your arm will be sore the next day! I added each stem (1 ft) of jewelry into the white hydrangea one at a time. Once you have as many as you'd like, wrap the entire bouquet with floral tape and then hot glue ribbon.

Photo by: Mustard Seed Photography


  1. Love it! I did a brooch bouquet for my wedding, as well! My mom crafted it from her old brooches, my grandma's old brooches, my great grandmother's brooches, etc...

  2. Oh wow, this brooch bouquet is looking adorable. It is giving even more decent look to the bride. We just attended a grand ceremony at the outdoor DC wedding venues and that bride also had a metal brooch and Rose flower bouquet. It was so gorgeous for me.


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