Texas License Plate Wall Art

For this project you'll need to find some license plates: either your own or try antique shops. The older they are, the more expensive! Make sure you clean them first. I let mine soak in warm soapy water for 20 minutes and then wash them with a washcloth.

Using a strong adhesive, tape the plates together. Make an outline of the state, cut, and tape to plates. Spray paint (using outdoor red) the remaining areas. It will seep under the stencil giving it more detail around the edges. Then paint over (using bottled paint) afterwards to give it a vintage-y look. Lastly, coat entire piece with a clear spray paint top coat.

I got new screws and used the holes already in the license plates. From Michael's I got a 12" x 12" (two license plates equal perfectly!) wooden plaque; about 1" to 2" thick. I stained it "ebony" and drilled the plates in.


  1. This so fun. I will have to make one myself. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Your Texas shape is a bit off.

    1. It's a craft, not a masterpiece. So what if it's off a bit? No need to be critical.

  4. Did you tape Texas to the plates before spraying? Making this!


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