Simple Beaded Headband

For these headbands all you need is beads, string, felt, hot glue and your choice of headband! It's also really simple to do and you are able to create your own design.

Step 1: Select the beads and felt that you want to use. Using clear string, bead your beads! Make an arrangement of how you want them.

Sidenote: If using unique shaped beads, you can glue directly onto felt. Try out different patterns!

Step 2: Using beads you've strung, tie knots at ends and form into your desired shape. Use hot glue to stick to felt. Add several kinds of beads if you decided to.

Step 3: After you have made as many panels as you want, cut them out and hot glue them to a headband. Next, cut a piece of felt the same size as your panel and hot glue to the backside for support.

Let the glue dry and you are done! For the pearled one, simple string beads and glue into a spiral. I made four panels for that one.

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