Fab Wrap Bracelets

These wrap bracelets are easy to make and the color possibilities are endless! The variables depend on how many wraps you want to make the bracelet. My example wraps four times. The materials that you will need are:

70 inches of leather cord
100+ inches of waxed linen cord
30 inches of rhinestone chain, pearl chain, dogtag chain, etc.
1 large bead with two holes

Step 1: Select your materials! Match up different colors and sizes.

Step 2: I've tried to make similar bracelets by ending it with a knot, but I find it unraveling and unattractive. Try starting the bracelet with a bead that has two holes with your leather cord. String through so that the length is equal on both sides. Pinch the cord underneath the bead and start wrapping your waxed linen string around the leather cord. Go over you starting piece to secure its grip. Wrap tightly!

Step 3: Place the chain up against the leather cord and continue wrapping the waxed linen cord. Depending on the length between each ball or rhinestone you may want to wrap twice like I did for the chain. Keep going until you've reached your preferred length!

Step 4: To make the loop at the end, make sure it fits over the bead you've chosen. Next, wrap the waxed linen cord to the loop and wrap back to the chain.

Step 5: Make a line of small knots up the the loop to secure it in place. Thread a needle with a large enough eye hole for your waxed linen string. Push needle through the end of the loop in between the leather cord. Pull the needle out using pliers and cut the string.

Fasten your bracelet, and voila!

Use different lengths, colors, and materials and make a stackable look!


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