Bedazzled Rhinestone Skull

Totally getting ready for Halloween. Yeah it's mid August.. but it's like 50 degrees out! This is a pretty easy craft as long as you have patience and a buttload of rhinestones. Here is what you will need.

I started by painting the paper mache skull "Sweet Pea" from Martha Stewart. It's a light purple/bone looking color.

Start around the eyes and nose gluing down rhinestones.

I thought about 450 6mm rhinestones would be enough, but I actually needed 900!

Keep going until you have finished the entire thing!

It's pretty creepy and cool!!

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. That Rhinestones skull is for holloween? This is the first time I saw a very fashionable and very classy skull. Thanks for this lovely skull because I do have an idea how to become fashionable even the occasion is Halloween. You are great.


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