Craft Lace Chain Bracelet

I keep seeing these on Etsy and they totally bring me back to the boondoggle days! :) So easy to make, I can't believe people sell these for so much when you can DIY! You'll need some rexlace (craft lace), some chain, and I used E6000 and a bit of fire to end the cobra stitch.

I found a great video that demonstrates how to do the Super Cobra Stitch which is the method to making these cute bracelets. Before you watch, first take a look at how to make the normal Cobra Stitch.

Now that you've got that down, the Super Cobra Stitch just keeps going on top of what you've done. When you start these, make a loop like they do on both ends with the same color. You can glue the ends to the middle before you begin. If you want to add the chain in at this time you can, but I think it would be easier later.

The video suggests using rexlace that's 15 times the length of the Super Cobra Stitch length, but as you can see, I had a lot left over.

In the video, he recommends tying a knot to end, but to hide the end pieces I first took some E6000 and glued the ends to the inside of the bracelet. Since this glue isn't flammable, I used a candle and gently waved the bracelet over the fire and pushed the ends into the bracelet. Afterwards, used a final layer of E6000 for a permanent bond. Be careful not to directly hold the bracelet above the fire, it will turn black, or worse, catch on fire.

I had some big chain that I simple opened up with pliers and closed back on the open loops from the rexlace. All done! Only cost me about two dollars!

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