Needlepoint Terminator Quote

I like cheesy movies. Especially excellent cheesy movies like The Terminator.

I wanted to start my first needlepoint and knew I wanted to do a quote. The full quote from the movie is "There's no fate but what we make for ourselves". Pretty good right? I really like the style of the over-dramatic block letters. Carolyn Ambuter's Complete Book of Needlepoint is what I used for my inspiration. Here are a few of her letters from this book.

The basic format I follow for every letter was the sets of eight blank squares in between the three-set outline. Also, I did a shadow using two squares to the diagonal-right-down square. Here is an example:

Filling in your letter is the best part! I used all kinds of designs: holidays, flags, patterns, etc. Must warn you, it takes a very long time!

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