Double Chain Braided Bracelet

I got this idea from Honesty..WTF but I changed it by adding a second row of chain and removing the thread knots.

To make this, you'll need DMC thread- color of your choice. For one bracelet I used about 5 yards of thread for each of the 3 parts of the braid (15 total yards). You'll also need two chains that you wish to use, both equaling the chosen length.

Step 1: thread all your colors into the top of both chains. It is helpful to start with a bead in between the links and to weigh it down. Braiding with two chains takes a lot of effort!

Step 2: Braid until you have reached your desired length. You've avoided having a knot to end the thread at the first end by using the middle of the thread at that end. For the other, use a small amount of glue (hot glue or E6000) and then use a wrap (waxed cotton linen) to tighten the end. Originally here I did not wrap the entire portion glued, but that is what will work the best.

Step 3: Use the wrap to attached a jump ring or closure to the bracelet. I used a very long piece of waxed cotton linen. After finishing the end of the thread, I wove the linen cord through the chain on each side giving it more detail. On the end you started with, you can take the bead out, and use a jump ring to attach the two chains with a closure. You're Done!

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