Tassel Thread Necklace

Make your own tassel necklace! You only need chain, thread, and a little bit of wire.

I used an entire thing of DMC thread, about 2.5 feet of chain, and 2 inches or 18 gauge wire. First make the tassel to the size you desire by wrapping it around a couple of fingers. Second, thread your chain through the thread, and wrap one piece at the top to secure it on the chain. Using tacky glue, secure it in place. Next, cut off the ends to form your tassel. Lastly, wrap some wire to secure the hold using wire cutters.


  1. Great DIY tutorial. Was looking for this tutorial. Does the tassel slide on the chin or is it pretty sturdy with just the glue?

  2. Thanks! I found that if you tighten the wire tight enough, the thread will not cause the chain to slide at all!


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