Peace, Love, Kitty Cats!

With a few small frames, you can easily make this craft! I really love these $1 frames from Michael's, and I think I'll go back and get more for other things like xmas ornaments, or cute to put cute labels inside!

I wasn't a fan of the color that the frames already were to I painted them with some simple colors.

While they are drying you can cut a piece of black paper to fit a frame, and draw the peace, love, ___ on your paper. I used a sharpie paint pen and placed the frames to know where to draw.

I placed the paper behind the glass so that it would be easier to clean, and you could switch it out in the future.

I suggest using a glue stronger that hot glue because it is glued to the glass. Let it set and dry! You're done! Super Cute!!

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