Anthropologie Knockoff Pyxis Necklace

Yay! My first "Hey, Anthropologie, That's cute! But I don't wanna spend that much, so I'm just gonna make it myself!" craft. Also, they sold out of it, so even better! I believe this pictured one was $25ish and a gold colored one was $44! This necklace cost me less than ten dollars to make in supplies!

You'll need beads, velvet ribbon, string, needle, glue and a couple of crimps.

Thread your needle and poke through the velvet side of your ribbon in three areas to start your necklace. Using a crimp, close down all three threads to secure them in place. Use about 1ft of string (or longer if your prefer) for each thread lenth. Start beading! When you get to the other end repeat the step to end the threads.

Next, using a strong glue, adhere the epoxy to from the starting point of your velvet to the other end. Do this so that on both sides you have a smooth velvet surface. Finally, add an additional piece of velvet ribbon to the remaining non-velvet areas on the back side of the necklace.

All done! I chose more fall colors instead of what they used, enjoy!

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